Dinosaurs to Rabbits: Turning Mainline Decline to a Multiplication Movement


Turn your church into a multiplying powerhouse for the kingdom. Digital version of the Amazon.com best selling book by Bill Easum & Bill Tenny-Brittian


LEARNING HOW TO MULTIPLY EVERYTHING is the only hope for Mainline Christianity to regain the West. We are losing ground so fast, if something radical isn’t done soon we will soon become an irrelevant part of the West’s distant past. Relying on adding a few people here and there won’t come close to replacing the thousands of people we are losing daily.

The dynamic duo, Easum & Tenny-Brittian, are back with their latest entry into the world of faithful, effective, and sustainable churches. In Dinosaurs to Rabbits they’ve turned their attention to the struggles of the Mainline Church and offer concrete strategies for how to turn your local church into the launch of a multiplication movement.

What Others Are Saying About Dinosaurs to Rabbits

Ironically, most mainline denominations began as movements, but along the way drifted and became monuments. Bill and Bill point us back to lead us forward. They remind us mainliners that generative growth is not only possible but is our birthright as the church and is really happening today. This is a simple yet profound prophetic book that will not only challenge you, but help you take next steps to join Jesus in his mission in the world. Jorge Acevedo: Lead Pastor, Grace Church
Many of the mainline churches in North America were once multiplication movements. With years of wisdom and practical experience, Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian are prophetic voices calling mainline churches back to the foundation of church multiplication. If you want to unleash a disciple making movement within your denominational context, I highly recommend this book! Dr. Winfield Bevins: Director of Church Planting, Asbury Seminary
Don’t read this book … unless you’re willing to be stretched, unless you want to become more passionate about reaching the lost, unless you’re willing to raise up lay leaders who might outshine you, and unless you’re willing for the church you lead to look more like the good stuff that happened in the Book of Acts. This is a book by mainliners for mainliners, so it speaks to your world. I dare you to take the risk of buying several copies and reading it with a group of leaders and potential leaders from your church. Warren Bird, Ph.D., Co-author of 30 books for church leaders including Hero Maker
Dinosaurs to Rabbits is not a fluffy soft read, but a hard-hitting exposition toward turning declining mainline congregations into a multiplication movement. Easum and Tenny-Brittian have done it again. This book is one worth wrestling over. It will encourage you one moment and get your irritation up the next. Get over it and step up to ponder these great lessons and truths. You will not want to gloss over chapters 3 (A Theology of Growth) and 4 (Radical Discipleship). There is great wisdom and incredible power within these two sections alone. In a day where much grey is found in the church world, these men will draw you back to the principles of multiplication. They provide ten critical ripples regarding multiplication that every church ought to have placed in their conference rooms. Walk amidst this work, wrestle with your discomfort, then witness to others regarding the power of transformation for multiplication this book has had on your life. You won’t regret it. Tom Cheyney: Founder & Directional Leader, The Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference
Years ago I was in a meeting with one hundred young pastors all of whom were growing their churches at a rapid rate. I was the only mainline guy at the meeting. One of Bill Easum’s books was the discussion topic. During a break, one of the young pastors came to me and asked, “ Since Bill Easum is a member of your tribe, why don’t you guys listen to him?” I could not answer the question. With this outstanding book, Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian have once again spoken truth to the mainline. This may be the most needed book yet. We would do well to listen to them this time. J. Clif Christopher: President - Founder, Horizons Stewardship Co.
Forged in the fire of conviction, Easum and Tenny-Brittian have hammered into shape a powerful and potent plow capable of breaking-up the fallow ground of today’s Mainline church in their new book From Dinosaurs to Rabbits. With careful application of scripture, penetrating insights from decades of fruitful consulting, and proven pastoral ministry, the authors convince and then invite every church member of every kind to put their hand to that plow and join them in the harvest. This prophetic little book may anger its readers; it may get lambasted on social media; and tragically ignored by those who most should read it. But for those audacious enough to believe that Almighty God has a better future for His church than the one currently being experienced, to those hungry enough to see their communities transformed by Jesus Christ, and those wearied by the excuses of what cannot be done about the state of the church – if they dare read this book, their world will never be the same. Tom Clegg: Senior Partner, The Clegg Consulting Group
Dancing with Dinosaurs was a revolutionary book for me in 1993. It offered new paradigms for ministry and confirmed what I was feeling and experiencing as a pastor. Here we are today, 2018, facing more paradigm shifts in our post-Christian world. Dinosaurs to Rabbits is a must read for those who want and dream of a fruitful future as a mainline church in America. Multiplication is one of the ways of the future in our ever changing, complex world. Learning how to move from addition-based growth to multiplication growth is key for the church to reach new people fast enough to replace the saints who are aging out. Bishop Bob Farr: Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Church
If you accept the challenge in Dinosaurs to Rabbits: Turning Mainline Decline to a Multiplication Movement, you just might change your church, your denomination, and even the world. This is a must read for every mainline denominational church that wants to grow and multiply. Dave Ferguson: Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church
I love this book! Easum and Tenny-Brittian offer readers a game changing book in Dinosaurs and Rabbits. Understanding they are shaking the framework of mainline churches, they press on offering inspiration, encouragement, and many practical tools to shift from survival to multiplying church culture and strategy! May courageous leaders with deep faith and commitment step up now! Edward Hammett: Author of Reaching People Under 30 While Keeping People Over 60
Provocative, challenging, and deeply insightful; this book is saturated with concrete practical recommendations that can readily be put into a practice by a pastor with a heart for the Great Commission. If you’re tired of leading a slowly dying church then Dinosaurs to Rabbits is for you! Bishop Mike Lowry: Resident Bishop of The Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church
It is widely reported that Mark Twain once said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” The same could be said about the decline of the mainline churches over the last half century in the USA. While many observers have talked about mainline decline, few have offered any real thoughts on how to reverse it, that is, until now. In Dinosaurs to Rabbits: Turning Mainline Decline into a Multiplication Movement, Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian offer insightful perspectives on this important issue. Building on their experience as successful pastors in North America’s mainline denominations, they add years of fruitful ministry as church consultants to provide a radical and doable approach for turnaround among America’s mainline churches. Believe me, it’s worth your time to read it. Even more, it’s worth your time to put their ideas into action. Gary L. McIntosh, D.Min., Ph.D.: Professor, Writer, and Speaker, Talbot School of Theology
I do a lot of work with leaders of mainline denominations. A lot of it is grief therapy. It doesn’t have to be this way. In Dinosaurs to Rabbits, the authors give practical, grounded, proven suggestions for church leaders who want to shift their church culture from church-as-institution to church-as-movement. This book nails it – from diagnosis to prescription. Nothing less than creating Jesus-followers who view and lead their lives as a mission trip will give mainlines a shot to move beyond paleontology. Reggie McNeal: Speaker, Consultant and Best-Selling Author of Kingdom Come and Kingdom Conspiracy
Having first met Jesus in a mainline “dinosaur church,” I am thankful for their faithfulness. Having also spent my life multiplying autonomous congregations, I believe the future hope of mainline churches is found in the pages of this book. If you are interested, you can multiply “rabbits” by following the trails outlined by Easum and Tenny-Brittian. Our culture awaits you. Ralph Moore: Founder, Hope Chapel Churches
Whether your church is mega, mini or multi, denom or nondenon, mainline, oldline, sideline or offline, you need this book to keep from flatlining. The future belongs to those with the best algorithms, and Easum and Tenny-Brittian probe the algorithms of the Spirit which are not addition or division but multiplication and incarnation.Leonard Sweet: Professor at Drew University, Author of 60 plus books


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