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Make a kingdom difference – increase your baptism numbers with the +Evangelism Jump Start.

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It’s one thing to grow a church by trying to revive those who have quit the church… reactivating the “Dones.” But real Kingdom growth comes when someone who was brought up outside the faith, someone who’s never been to church, someone who simply doesn’t believe takes the leap and becomes a follower of Jesus.

Churches that are doing adult baptisms of new Christians are few and far between. But those that are know that effective evangelism has been one of the best-kept secrets in the church – not because it’s a secret, but because no one wants to talk about the “E” word.

Increase your baptisms by helping your leaders and your congregation to get over the “E” word and sharing their faith with the community.

The +Evangelism Jump Start includes:

  • The Complete +Evangelism Audit.
  • Your Ministry Area Demographic Report.
  • The Complete Website Evaluation.
  • Use of Nest Cloud Video Cameras to capture, record, and share your worship service with us.
  • A one-day e-training event.
  • The +Evangelism Recommendation Report.
  • Follow-Up Coaching.
  • Supporting Resources.
  • Perpetual Membership in the Effective Church Mastermind Group.


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