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Product Download: Beyond Strategic Planning

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3 thoughts on “Product Download: Beyond Strategic Planning

  1. In the first video, the hosts are arguing and disagreeing with each other! I cannot see how this is a good way to begin a conversation and help for growing my congregation. I am nervous to show this to my Church Council. I know they have an overall plan to teach but their conversational style and disagreements are a distraction to me.

    I hope the other videos are better.

    1. Wow, that one got past the editors. We’re going to reshoot this episode this week – it will be available online by Tuesday. We’ll also take a look at the other sessions to see if they need to be re-edited as well. Once we do that, we’ll repackage the DVD … and get a different video editor :-/

      1. We reshot the Vision video and are reviewing the other videos. As soon as we have reworked them, we’ll update the DVD set.

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