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Be A Church Leader
Who Brings Vision To Life!

Let us partner with you to help turn your church dreams into reality

Look what you get: A four month guided journey to help you reach your vision:

  1. The Clarification Worksheet to Sharpen Your Vision
  2. One-On-One Coaching IncludedTurning Dreams Into Reality eBook by Bill Easum
  3. DVD Training Set by Bill & Kris Tenny-Brittian
  4. Three Months of Personalized One-On-One Coaching
  5. Additional Resources to Help Keep You On Track
How It Works
Bring Your Dreams to Life Now!

Valued at over $450
Get the Resources AND the Coaching for Four Payments of $49.95
(Save $10+ by paying in full)


Turning Dreams Into Reality eBook

Anyone can have a dream, but not everyone can turn a dream into a reality. A lot of fast moving water hits the wheel between a dream and reality, especially in a world like ours that is changing exponentially. This book explores how to to turn dreams into reality in a fast moving world. We guarantee there are no fillers in this book.

From Vision to Implementation DVD Set by Bill & Kris Tenny-Brittian

In these training videos you’ll learn how to discern and develop the church’s mission and how to develop vision and create a working strategic plan. But strategies alone aren’t enough anymore. In this training set you’ll also work through the strategies to forge tactics, engineer logistics, and move to implementation.

One-On-One Coaching

Turn your vision into reality with a certified consultant/coach from 21st Century Strategies. Each half-hour session is just you and your coach discussing how you can lead your church into an effective and sustainable future. (Regularly $300)

    • Session 1: Visit your vision and your reality – and identify the gaps in between.
    • Session 2: Explore how to move from reality toward your vision by helping you identify the first steps.
    • Session 3: We’ll help you identify and hone the skills you’ll need to manage the changes necessary to reach your dreams.

Four Monthly Payments of $49.95

Bring Your Dreams to Life Now!

How it Works

  1. Sign up!
  2. You’ll instantly receive access to the eBook and additional resources (download them!)
  3. You’ll receive an email within hours with an attached PDF Clarifying Your Dream (And Pre-Coaching Questionnaire) Worksheet. Complete it and return it to the email address provided.
  4. Your personal coach will contact you by email within one business day with scheduling instructions.
  5. Start reading the Turning Dreams Into Reality eBook
  6. Start your coaching sessions.
  7. Implement the LifeMoves to see your dreams come to life!

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