Jan–Feb Building Your Church’s Reputation



What’s your church’s reputation? If you ask your members, they’ll tell you their church is the friendliest church in town. However, if you’ll do the leg work and start asking people in the community, chances are the church has no reputation at all. In this issue, we’ll help you get on the map in your community.


  • Dealing with BaCon Jams
  • Best Church Supper: What is YOUR Church Known For?
  • …Commandment
  • Gospel First
  • Pew Buddies for Growing Churches
  • A Different Kind of Church
  • Build a Reputation Mini Course
  • Spiritual Check-Up
  • Get Noticed
  • Risks Churches Face Using AI and How to Protect
  • Seven Keys to Great Offering Talks
  • Building Your Church’s Reputation


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