2007 Jan-Feb: Congressional Transformation


2007 Jan-Feb: Congressional Transformation



  • Senior Editor’s Viewpoint
  • Nine Things to Do When You Are Not Balancing the Budget
  • To Lead in Church Transformation, Start From Where You Are
  • Marketing Corner. Improving Attendance
  • Beyond Jerusalem: Part One of Learning From a Decade of Disciplemaking
  • Book Corner
  • The Search for the Holy Grail of Congregational Transformation
  • So Tell Me: Interviews with Faithful, Effective, and Innovative Leaders: Featuring … Jim Harnish
  • Management Corner: Recruiting Volunteers in Your Ministry
  • How to Lead Your Church Through Change
  • Digital Corner: It isn’t Just Updating Your Website
  • Staffing for Mentoring
  • A Theology of Coaching
  • Coaching Corner


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