The Net Results Christmas Planning Guide


Plan your best Christmas season yet!


Fourteen of our best articles from pastors across the US who share their tips and secrets for making your Christmas holiday worship and festivities unforgettable. Each article is written by practitioners in Net Results’ incomparable How To style so you can adopt and adapt for your church setting.

  • A Christmas Eve Dilemma
  • Take It From Me
  • Christmas Out of the Box
  • A Christmas Eve Dream Reality
  • Day Breaks After the Longest Night
  • Christmas Welcome that Works
  • Tis the Season for Inspiring Generosity and Discipleship
  • Moving Your Community to Celebrate Christmas Like Never Before
  • Focusing on the Christmas Message
  • Three Christmas Catastrophes
  • Making Christmas a Joy to the World
  • Virtual Holidays
  • Three Easy Ways to Transcend the Pandemic this Christmas
  • Diving Deep into Advent


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