2006 Jan-Feb: Turning Congregations Around


2006 Jan-Feb: Turning Congregations Around



  • How Do You Know If You Are Ready for Redevelopment?
  • Reversing Unwelcoming Welcome Habits
  • Renewing a Mainline Congregation Requires More Than Praise Music and Small Groups
  • How to Address the Stress Points in Turnaround Churches
  • Revitalizing the Rural (Or Anywhere!) Church
  • So Tell Me … Interviews with Faithful, Effective, and Innovative Leaders: Featuring Ron Martoia
  • Turnaround Conireiations Movini from Decline to Health, Growth, Renewed Mission
  • Learnings from Cluster Congregational Transformation Process Tools
  • Building the Human Resources Team
  • The Church That’s Continually Opening New Doors
  • Lessons Learned Helping Churches Transform
  • Coaching Corner


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