2006 Mar-Apr: Coaching Summit Wrap up


2006 Mar-Apr: Coaching Summit Wrap up



  • Senior Editor’s Viewpoint
  • A Commitment to Excellence
  • Behaving Properly to Outsiders: Transfers, Transplants, and Tests
  • Marketing Corner: Marketing’s Inside Out
  • Not Just a Pretty Picture: Put Metaphorical Graphics in Multisensory Worship
  • Christian Coaching Transforms Congregations: Historic Rural Church Looks to Vibrant Future
  • Should We Hold Worship Services On Easter?
  • So Tell Me … Interviews with Faithful, Effective, and Innovative Leaders: Featuring Laurie Beth Jones
  • Book Corner
  • How to Fire a Volunteer
  • Reaching Beyond
  • Can Churches Become a Third Place for Community?
  • Resources forChristian Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching Corner


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