Easum’s Arsenal for Church Growth Video Training


Church not growing like you expect? Bill Easum’s Church Growth Arsenal Videos will give you the tools you need to grow your church … no matter how big – or small – your church is now.


To grow a church you have to first grow yourself. Many churches never grow beyond 85 in worship because the pastor doesn’t remain on a learning curve after graduation. In this video training set Bill Easum includes some of the key thoughts, concepts, and “how tos” he uses in his coaching and consulting ministry.
This Volume includes 19 different training videos that includes:
Session 01
1. Introduction to the Arsenal
2. Two Metaphors Explain it All
3. Implications for Jungle Living
4. Two Thoughts …
5. Four Core Processes of Effective Churches
6. Increase First-Time Guests
7. Responding to First-Time Guests
8. Getting Members to Invite
9. Getting Guest Contact Information
10. Sayings that Influence pt. 1
11. Sayings that Influence pt. 2
12. Sayings that Influence pt. 3
Session 2 
1. The Leadership Journey
2. The Making of a Leader pt. 1
3. The Making of a Leader pt. 2
4. The Making of a Leader pt. 3
5. Creating Leadership Synergy
6. Helping Leaders Reach Their Potential
7. Hand-Off and Follow-Up
8. Laity are the Tipping Point


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