Effective Church Websites Made Easy Workbook


Is your website enticing potential guests? … or sending them running back to Google to find a different church to visit?


Over 85 percent of first-time guests to church started by looking at the church’s website before they decided to visit.

  • Is your site answering the three primary questions a potential visitor is looking for?
  • Is your site enticing … or discouraging … a potential guest’s visit?
  • Is your site guilty of the most common church website sins?

The Effective Church Websites Made Easy Workbook was written to help your church put your website “on the map” and increase the number of first-time guests to your church.

  • Discover the #1 sought after page … that many (most) churches don’t bother to include.
  • Explore why the pastor should be blogging every week – and the five types of blog posts your pastor should never write.
  • Learn how to develop your website to make it a visitor magnet

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