Mystery Shopper Kit


Discover whether your church is really the friendliest church in town. Digital Download Version.


Every church is the “friendliest church in town.” Just ask their members.

But the reality is, if your first-time return guest rate is under 50% then you’ve got a problem. Your church isn’t as friendly as it thinks it is – at least, not to visitors.

Learn the cold hard truth by using the Mystery Shopper Kit to find out for sure.

The Mystery Shopper Kit includes the following “Instant Access” downloadable files:

  • The Mystery Shopper Church Manual
    • Detailed instructions on how to use the tools included in this kit, including how to maximize the information you’ll gain from your Mystery Shopper
  • Church Leadership Training Video
    • Training video for the church leaders responsible for the Mystery Shopper event
  • Mystery Shopper Training Video
    • Brief video introduction to share with your Mystery Shopper before they arrive
  • Mystery Shopper Shopping Checklist
    • Detailed checklist of what to look for to help your Mystery Shopper get you as much helpful information as possible


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