Holiday Hospitality Training Video Set


Help this year’s holidays be one to remember … as in “Remember that year when we had so many visitors become members?”

Check this box to get the videos on a USB Thumb Drive.


Increase the number of holiday visitors!

. . .  And turn your holiday visitors into returning guests!!!

The Holiday Hospitality Training Video Set comes with:

  • These Downloadable Holiday Hospitality Videos (MP4)
  1. Helping the Congregation Invite
  2. Guess Who’s Coming for the Holidays?
  3. Christmas Cleaning
  4. The Stress-Less Climate
  5. Holiday Safety
  6. All Hands on Deck
  7. Getting the Congregation Ready for Guests
  8. A Christmas Eve Vision
  • Downloadable PDF Small Group Training Handouts
  • Three Downloadable e-Booklets
    • Avoid the Three Christmas Catastrophes
    • A Christmas Eve Fantasy?
    • Spirit of Christmas Stewardship


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