January – February 2022: Resurrection Planning


In the face of certain death, resurrection looms large. More than church turnaround.

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The church has always been a people of hope, even in the face of certain death. For many reasons, the North American Church seems to have experienced more than its fair share of tribulations over the past few decades. And yet, in spite of overwhelming odds, the promise of a resurrection still beckons, Hope may not be a good strategy, but planning resurrection is the unique domain of the Christian.


  • Resurrection Begets Transformation
  • Company Is Coming! What Leaders “See”
  • New Year’s BELLS (Evaluated)
  • Practicing Resurrection
  • Dismount!
  • Asking Anything
  • Not Dead … Yet
  • Define What’s Really Good
  • Trends
  • Is It Time to Resurrect the Choir?
  • Seven Trends to Watch in 2022
  • This One Thing May Resurrect Your Church


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