March – April 2022: DNA – The Building Blocks of the Church


Building Your Church Faithfully On the Firm Foundation: Your Congregation’s DNA

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The foundation of the church is Jesus Christ on which we build (1 Corinthians 3:10–11). But every church built on that foundation has its own DNA – its own building blocks carefully placed on that foundation. In this issue, pastors and church leaders across the US share how they carefully create and replicate a faithful DNA.


  • Two Deadly DNA Mistakes
  • Vision Leaks! Seven Steps to Casting Vision Felt Deeply
  • Turnaround is Messy and Lonely
  • Liberating Structures: Can You Change Your DNA?
  • Before the DNA: You
  • What is Your Church’s DNA?
  • Two Oft’ Forgotten Essentials for an Effective Mission Statement
  • Campaign Boldly
  • Ministry Travel: Tips for Keeping Staff and Volunteers Safe
  • Building Blocks
  • The Mission of Giving
  • Changing Church DNA


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