May – June 2022: From Our Desktops to the Ends of the Earth


You can fulfill the global Great Commission … from your cell phone!

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You can reach the world for Christ.

It’s true – the Great 2020 Pandemic did a number on the church. Two years later, most churches haven’t yet recouped their numbers. And yet, the pandemic did something totally amazing for the church: It opened the floodgates for global evangelism. For the first time in history, anyone with a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop can reach into virtually any city and any nation in the world. In this issue, our writers explore the great opportunities for the Great Commission in these changing times.


  • World Travelers
  • Hybrid Ministry is Here to Stay
  • Does My Voice Matter: Connecting Digitally with the World Beyond My Walls
  • Rethinking Online Church
  • Worship & Technology: Where are We Headed Post-Pandemic?
  • Online or Onsite?
  • Three Simple Ways to Maintain an Online Ministry
  • Be Inviting
  • Dodging the Cyber Thieves
  • Eight Pitfalls of the Sunday Offering Devotional
  • A New Day Requires a New Way
  • Make Your Church Look Good: Online Beauty Tips
  • Here to Stay: Online Ministry


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