July – August 2022: Hospitality and Guest Managagement


Turn first-time visitors into returning guests!

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In many churches, first-time visitors are few and far between. On the other hand, you might be seeing a steady stream of them. Either way, you can’t afford to lose any of them because of poor hospitality!

In this issue, pastors and practitioners share their Best Practices and insights on how to raise your hospitality and guest management practices. Keep your first time guests, get youth involved and coming back, and see your men invest. All in this issue!


  • Why Hospitality?
  • How to Encourage Youth to Participate in Church
  • Count Your Smiles
  • Hospitality is an Art
  • “I Don’t Wanna Talk” – Getting Guys Involved
  • Think Three
  • Welcoming Guests … Before You Even Speak
  • Get Sporty!
  • Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change On Your Ministry
  • Three Steps to a Better Offering
  • Looking Through Their Eyes
  • Serving Others: A Booster for Relevance
  • The Needs of the Visitor


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