September – October 2022: Evangelism Today


How can your church connect with the Nones and the Dones and the Don’t Bothers?

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The church was given one primary mandate: To make disciples. And the first step in disciple-making is evangelism. But reaching people today is a lot different than reaching people even ten years ago.

In this issue, pastors and practitioners share their Best Practices and insights on how to share your faith in meaningful and effective ways.


  • Three Things I’ve Learned
  • Hallow-Weak or Hallow-Strong?
  • Evangelism in a Don’t Care Culture
  • Evangelism for Shy Christians
  • Passion, Not Purpose
  • It’s Time for a Bumper Harvest
  • Connecting with the 3 Unchurched Groups
  • Just In Time Prayer
  • Screening and Training Your Volunteers
  • Giving Changes
  • Two Paths to Faith
  • Effective Evangelism


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