May-June 2014: Reaching the Generations


Millennials, Digitals, Gen-X, Boomers, and all the rest. How will the church reach the generations that are and the generations to come?



  • You Hit What You’re Aiming For
  • The Church and the Missing 20-Somethings
  • Beyond Generational Thinking
  • A Plea for Youth
  • The Conversations of Our Generation
  • The Rhythm of Life
  • The Evangelist’s Tool Box
  • Intergenerational Ministry: Eight lessons We’ve Learned About Pouring New Wine Into New Wineskins
  • The Generational Tsunami is Upon Us: Who is Reaching Unchurched, Unbelieving Millennials?
  • Children’s Ministries: Helping to Grow a 21st Century Strategies Church
  • The Youth are Not the Future of the Church!


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