Big Mouse Vision Training


Create a compelling vision that inspires your congregation into action


Move past congregational paralysis and begin leading your church into a faithful, effective, and sustainable future.

Based on the best selling book If You’ve Got to Herd Cats, You’ll Need a Big Mouse by Bill Tenny-Brittian, this video-driven training course walks you through the steps to discern and create a “Big Mouse Vision” – A vision so compelling that it’ll make herding all those congregational cats and leading them into your church’s “Promised Land.”

Includes six training videos and worksheets:

  1. Mice vs Mouse
  2. Big Mouse Values Proposition
  3. The Big Mouse Asks “Why?”
  4. The Big Mouse Vision Template – with The Vision Development Worksheet
  5. The Big Mouse MAP
  6. The Big Mouse Strategy – with The Strategy Metrics Worksheet

And three special bonuses:

  • The Epilog Effect bonus video to help you navigate through the three biggest vision-busting challenges
  • Access to the private Big Mouse Adventure Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to the training materials
  • And a special surprise bonus for those completing the course


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