Four Keys to Sustainable Growth


Grow your church by transforming lives with the four foundational keys to sustainable church growth.


Back when I was pastor of my first church, I was committed to growing it beyond the 38 people who were faithfully attending. In less than two months, I’d doubled the number of people in the pews. I was pretty proud of myself.

Six months later, though, the church was back below its original 38. It’s not that I’d done anything wrong and I was perplexed. It would take me several years before I got it figured out. What I learned was that if you don’t have the foundations covered, your church may grow, but it won’t be sustainable growth. In this video set, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about building a foundation to not only grow your church, but how to build a sustainable model for growth.

In this three video set (with worksheets), I introduce the four foundational keys to sustainable church growth that’s scalable and works in a church of 12 or a church of 3000.


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