Easum’s Last Stand: Multiplication for the Church Today


Bill Easum’s final seminar is arguably his most important. Sit in on his final reflections about the future of the church.


Bill Easum retired in 2019, but before he did he invited a few key church leaders to join him in Corpus Christi for his last seminar ever.

If you weren’t invited or if you couldn’t make it, here’s your chance to attend after-the-fact.

All eight full sessions … every minute, every question, every point from beginning to end. Downloadable videos. Also includes the PDF workbook.

Session Content includes:

The Only Place to Begin

  1. The Key to Everything
  2. The Theologies Behind Decline and Growth
  3. The Fundamentals of Change and Transformation
  4. It’s All About Execution


  1. The Most Significant Movement in My Lifetime
  2. Defining Multiplication
  3. The Principles of Multiplication
  4. The One Objective
  5. Two Prongs of Multiplication
  6. Seven Basics of Multiplication
  7. Ten Aspects of Multiplication
  8. The Benefit of Multiplication Thinking

Thinking Multiplication

  1. Where It Begins
  2. Success Through Others
  3. Impairments to Thinking Multiplication
  4. Sacred Cows You Must Challenge

The Heart of Multiplication Thinking

  1. Radical Disciple Making
  2. The Apprentice

Starting a Small Group System

Six Concerns about Focusing on Multiplication

  1. How will we survive?
  2. Will I lose my job?
  3. What if no one follows?
  4. What happens if we don’t rely on clergy?
  5. What if I’m not competent enough?
  6. What if people think I’m a bigot?

Creating a Multiplication Culture

  1. Culture is Most Important
  2. Steps to Creating Culture
  3. Transitioning to a Multiplication Culture
  4. Keeping Your Sanity During the Transition
  5. The Summary


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