Second Resurrection


There’s more to a church turnaround than just adding a couple of programs. It’s a spiritual journey that takes a deep change of heart.


By Bill Easum. This book is not meant to be read by or with just anyone. It is meant to be read by a pastor and group of lay people who long for their church to turn around from its decline. Because of its frankness I suggest that a pastor read it first, then gather a group from the church (the remnant) who long for the turnaround, and read and discuss the book with them. Then begin the long journey of turnaround of the church.

Table of Contents:
1. When It’s Not a Matter of Sickness
2. Are We Spiritually Dead?
3. How Churches Die Spiritually
4. Turnaround Is an Eternal Issue
5. Leaders: It’s Time to Die to Yourself
6. A Life Worth Watching
7. Resurrection Begins with You
8. Rolling Away the Stone
9. Life beyond the Tomb
10. Pastor, Are YOU Ready for Resurrection?
Epilogue: The Meaning of Faithfulness

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I plan on using your book with my key leaders, which could mean a move for me in the summer of 2008, which is okay. I am in my fourth year here and need to “go for it!” Thanks for the inspiration and the resources!
-Frustrated Pastor in Northern Virginia
I continue to read and re-read Second Resurrection, and want to thank you for writing this book. It has helped me clear some fog and get a better picture of my call and God’s vision for where I’m at. As I was thinking of what the message/worship theme(s) for this summer I thought about what you said in the book about the Sermon on the Mount and being followers/apprentices of Jesus rather than of “the book.” So, I’m thinking of doing a summer long “Apprentice” type series using the Sermon on the Mount. Each week would highlight a particular part and issue some “challenges” for people to complete during the coming week as individuals and as teams. Thanks for always helping to pry my eyes, my heart, my head, my life wider open to the Spirit.
-Greg Wack


Dear Bill,
Like many of the pastors you described in your book, I’d allowed myself to grow “jaded” or “cynical.” Oh, I still believed Jesus was and is the only way to salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom, but I’d lost the urgency and become complacent. During the last Conference cycle, my wife came under unbelievable attack from people who claim to be the most spiritual in this church. Foolishly, I fought back. I found an article you’d written describing 6 characteristics of healthy churches, and actually called y’all back earlier in the summer about dealing with bullies. Reading 2nd Resurrection has enabled me to see the emerging rebirth of the urgency I once felt to see the lost saved.

Bill, our Sunday morning services are leading more people to salvation and rededication than have happened at any other time in this church’s history! Still, reading 2nd Resurrection has called me to any even greater level of commitment and surrender. I’m striving to open my heart up to Jesus so he can cleanse me of all the remaining rebellion within me! Thank you for this book!
-Sandy Douglass

I must say that “A Second Resurrection” has affected me most profoundly. I read it prior to coming to the Emmaus Project and it “tugged at my soul”. The concept of a second resurrection being necessary for the congregation was in itself a wonderful insight, but that such a resurrection must first take place in me was very convicting.
-Philip, Hamilton, ON


Dear Dr. Easum,

I just read your “Second Resurrection” book. Three words: Holy Spirit Inspired. Thank the Trinty and thank you and God bless you! 🙂 I have about 15-20% of my 100 congregants reading it now. We’re going to use it as a guide for our praying, conversation and action as we allow The Lord to Resurrect us. Attached you will find my doctoral dissertation. Other than to bore you to tears, I include it because it supports about all of your assertions in Chapter 4 of Second Resurrection: “Turnaround is an Eternal Issue.” I can’t thank you enough for your ministry.
-Dr. Travis “Trav” Wilson, Minister – Moody United Methodist Church


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