UnFreezing Moves: Following Jesus Into the Mission Field


Get your church unstuck and back on track


By Bill Easum – (Adobe 7 format) Prepares Christian congregations to fulfill their basic function – to make disciples who make disciples for Jesus Christ. This book is about helping ‘stuck’ and ‘unstuck’ churches either become unstuck or constantly improve their ministry of making disciples. This book is designed to help church leaders make profound changes in the way they do ministry or constantly practice methodological innovation/improvement to be effective in creating disciple churches.

Table of Contents:

Stuck and Unstuck Congregations,; Christianity as an Organic Movement;  The Top-Down, Command-and-Control, Stifling Story;  The Bottom-Up, Out-of-Control, Permission-Giving, Innovation Story; The Biblical Problem with Control; How Congregations Move from Stuck to Unstuck; Permission-Giving Communities of Faith; The Innovative Congregation; The Foundations of Transformation and Innovation: Focus,  Alignment, A Word of Wisdom to Leaders; The Two Foundational Unfreezing Moves; An Inviting, growing, and Sending Community of Faith; Staffing for the Mission Field; Getting the Most Out of Your Property; Money Is Your Least Concern; Are You Ready to Join Jesus on the Mission Field?

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This book is the heart of a pastor–who now pastors/coaches/mentors so many pastors–and who is still as passionate about the church as he was in San Antonio 30 years ago.  When I get face to face with this guy, I am still drawn to the sold out passion, the steely gaze of a man determined to live for Jesus Christ.  I think you will see that aspect of Bill in this book.   READ THE BOOK!
– Jeff Patton, author of If It Could Happen Here

Bill’s Unfreezing Moves was what I was looking for and not knowing how to ask for it.  I wish I had it three years ago when we started transformation here. It would have saved me from doing a lot of things backwards.  …

Your book is a great blueprint!

Bill, while your chapter looks so simple and straightforward, it is breath taking in its finger on the pulse so to speak. The room exploded and they couldn’t stop talking about worship. It was like the old Coke/Pepsi commercials. I just can’t say enough about the latest book.

Just a brief note to thank you. Unfreezing Moves was a life changing book for me. I continue to appreciate your ministry. – Darryl

Convenient PDF Format


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