Flip My Church Workbook


Discover your congregation’s Mission, Vision, and Values with the Flip My Church Workbook.


The Flip My Church Workbook is a multi-session study that provides a small team of three to five congregational members everything they need to facilitate a plan of transformation. Congregations will have the opportunity to articulate their Expected Behaviors, clarify their Values, recover their Mission, discern God’s Vision for them, and determine the strategies that will allow them to engage God’s ministry within their congregation and mission beyond their doors.

What differentiates the Flip My Church process from others is its reliance on congregation-wide prayer and spiritual development, group process, and consensus building. It also provides the tools necessary to plan strategically and assess effectiveness on an on-going basis.

  • Introduction
  • Session 01: Expected Behaviors
  • Session 02: Values
  • Session 03: Why
  • Session 04: Who and What
  • Session 05: When … Where … How
  • Session 06: Afterword
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