Church Hospitality Video Training Set

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Poor hospitality is the #1 reason first-time visitors don’t return. Turn your first-time visitors into returning guests with the Church Hospitality Training Set. All digital and ready for you to download.


You only get one chance to make a first impression, or so the saying goes. But did you know the #1 reason people don’t return to a congregation has nothing to do with the quality of the sermon or the style of the worship? Poor hospitality is the chief reason guests don’t return. If you want to grow your church, your hospitality will need to be well above average.

In this training set, Drs. Bill and Kris Tenny-Brittian provide the finer points of hospitality so that your guests will not just feel at home, but they’ll be more ready to hear the gospel.
Twenty-four bite-sized sessions, approximately 10 minutes each. Purchase includes license to reproduce the content within the purchasing congregation, including mp4 and mp3 versions and study questions.
Volume 1
  1. Hospitality Defined
  2. Most Common Hospitality Faux Pas
  3. Hosts and Guests
  4. Front Door Hospitality: Smiling, Happy People
  5. Guest Relations: Don’t Ignore Me
  6. Guest Relations: Don’t Embarrass Me
  7. Guest Relations: Don’t Overwhelm Me
  8. Guest Relations: Don’t Confuse Me
Volume 2
  1. Hospitality Begins in the Parking Lot
  2. Parking Lot Attendants, Greeters, Valets
  3. The Role of the Greeter
  4. The Role of the Usher
  5. Lobby Hosts
  6. Worship Center Hosts
  7. Information Stations
  8. Effective Guest Conversations
Volume 3
  1. Guest Amenities
  2. Dealing with Parking Problems
  3. Special Event Parking Tips
  4. Exterior Signage
  5. Interior Signage
  6. Guest Friendly Restrooms
  7. Four S’s of a Guest Friendly Nursery
  8. Training Congregations of Hospitality


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