Keep Your Visitors Template


It’s Simple … Keep Your Visitors, Grow Your Church


Keep Your First Time Visitors Coming Back!

Did you know that on average only 15% of first-time visitors return to a church a second time? And that number drops to 6% in churches that are already in decline.

You can change that with the Get More Visitors Template!

  • 3 Video-Driven Modules
    1. The First Impression Checklist
    2. Guest Friendly Worship
    3. The Welcome Magnet
  • Two Bonus Gifts
    1. Ten Things You Can Do Today to Grow Your Church eBook
    2. Personal, One-On-One Strategic Coaching Call To Help You Reach Your Church Growth Vision

Here’s the reality … it’s tough getting first-time visitors to show up, so it’s critical that you don’t lose them! The Keep Your Visitors Template will turn your revolving door into a welcoming space for everyone.

Don’t wait … get instant access today!


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