Grow Your Church Now Training DVD Set


If you're frustrated and discouraged from trying to grow your church, let the Grow Your Church Now DVD Training Set help you discover what it takes to grow a church today.

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  • If your church growth efforts have been frustrated …
  • If you can’t figure out where to start to grow your church …
  • If your church has forgotten what the words “visitors” and “guests” mean

Then the Grow Your Church Now Training Kit is for you.

These DVDs have seven Church-Talk videos designed specifically to help you get your church growing – when all else seems to have failed.

Includes the MP3 audio track files and PDF discussion handouts.

Video Episodes

When Not to Try Leading a Transformation
Don’t doom your growth efforts because of poor timing.

What To Do When You Have No Visitors
There may be something going on you need to deal with

What To Do When No One Knows You Exist
It’s hard to grow when you’re in an invisible church

Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days
It’s amazing what you can do in one year.
An interview with Paul Borden

Helping Folks Invite Folks
Your members can re-learn how to invite guests to church

How To Make Irresistible Invitations
How to make an offer they can’t refuse

How To Grow Your Church Now!
We didn’t say it wouldn’t be hard work … but you can do it!


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