Only Four Things Grow Churches Tour DVD Set


Couldn't attend the Only Four Things Conference? Need a copy to share with your congregational leaders? Here's the whole conference in one package.


The DVD set includes every session with Bill Tenny-Brittian, Bill Easum, Scott Mussleman, and Kris Tenny-Brittian; every slide, and the complete Only Four Things Grow Churches Workbook in PDF format.

Session 1: The Invite Process

To grow your church, getting people “invited” into church relationships is key. This session will help you develop a strategy for inviting that will fill your pews.

Session 2: The Connect Process

If your visitors don’t connect, they’ll not return. This session walks you through a strategic process for turning visitors into returning guests and guests into members.

Session 3: The Apprentice and the Sending Processes

The rubber hits the road when church participants become disciples of Jesus Christ. This session explores the strategies for making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and fully engaged leaders in the faith.

Session 4: The Key Leadership Shifts Pastors of Growing Churches Must Make

“The skills that got you to where you are won’t take you to where you want to be.” In this session we explore the skills, values, and time management practices necessary to move a church through the natural growth barriers every healthy church faces.


Five DVD set

Recorded at the Only Four Things Grow Churches Conferences in St. Louis and Jefferson City. 


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