Lay Leadership Training Kit – USB Thumb Drive Edition


The right training to turn your Lay People into Lay Leaders!


Turn your lay people into effective lay leaders with this complete eBook, Video Training, and Support Kit.

You get:LayLeaderKit-USB

  • The Turning Laypeople Into Layleaders Video Training Set
  • Includes Video and MP3 Podcasts of Each Session
  • The Turning Laypeople Into Layleaders eBook
  • A Two Year Subscription to Net Results Magazine
  • Invitation-Only Access to the Advanced Leadership Forum
  •  24/7/365 Group Coaching
  • How To Use the Materials Video Manual

Contents Loaded on 1 Convenient USB Thumb Drive

Available on 5 DVD Set Here

Click to View Video Training Topics
  1. Effective Church Membership
  2. Mentoring Faith
  3. Growing Spiritual Giants
  4. Effective Church Leadership
  5. Setting Clear Expectations
  6. Leading Productive Meetings
  7. Reading the Bible Aloud
  8. Leading Public Prayer
  9. Making Friends with Unbelievers
  10. Making Irresistible Invitations
Click to View eBook Chapter Titles
  1. Understanding the Role of the Pastor
  2. Know What Kind of Leaders You Need
  3. The Needs of the One: The Awkward Balance of Ministry and Leadership
  4. How to Be an Effective Community Missionary
  5. Role of Today’s Effective Church Board
  6. Bobbleheads and Team Players
  7. Apprenticeship in Church Today
  8. Encouragement Matters
  9. Defusing the Conflict Time Bombs
  10. To Grow Spiritual Leaders, Grow Spiritual Members
  11. Getting Volunteers to Keep Their Commitments
  12. Make Meetings Matter
  13. Get the Leaders You Need
  14. Turn First-Time Visitors Into Returning Guests
  15. Turn Guests Into Members
  16. The Leadership Core


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