Preaching for Transformation: The Ever-Widening Circle


Preaching for transformation probably wasn't one of your seminary courses …


Preaching for Transformation: The Ever-Widening Circle is anchored in the Acts of the Apostles and specifically on Acts 1:8. The preaching suggestions in this book are geared toward transformation and are not a complete teaching on The Acts of the Apostles. I’ve intentionally selected only those texts that I feel can be used to move a church to and through transformation.

Whether that transformation is for turnaround, restart, or going missional, these texts work.

Chapters Include:

  • An Impossible Mission
  • An Ever-Widening Circle
  • The Two Imperatives of the Early Church and the Centrality of Jesus
  • Looking Inward So We Can Turn Outward
  • Multiplying the Movement
  • Sharing Your Story
  • Backyard Missionaries
  • It’s not about You or Me: It’s about the Kingdom
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