The Apprentice Workbook


Got enough small group leaders? Here’s a guide to raise ’em up, train ’em, and get ’em started.


By Bill Tenny-Brittian. This book is an eight-week training course for equipping new Small Group Leaders.  When used in conjunction with an existing Small Group, they will not only be introduced to how to lead an effective, multiplying Small Group, they will have actually put every lesson into practice under the gentle guidance of a mentor. The book includes a Small Group Network Leader’s guide that provides information on how to best use the workbook as well as outlining a Small Group Network program for ongoing training, coaching, encouraging, and supporting new Small Group Leaders.

Table of Contents:

  • Front Matter: Using the Tools, Expectations
  • Week One: Finding Your Prayer Place; Set Up; Serving
  • Week Two: Lexio Divina-An Ancient Practice of Study; Getting Started; Financial Service Tools; Financial Services Procedures; Leading a Group of Four in Bible Study
  • Week Three: What is Worship?
  • Week Four: Developing a Worship-filled Life; Gathering Prayer Requests; Sharing the Requests Beyond the Samall Group; Having ENOF; Expanding Your Network
  • Week Five: Cheerfully Giving-Treasure; Cheerfully Giving-Time; Cheerfully Giving-Talent; What is fasting? Why fast? How Do I fast? Spiritual Meddling; Spiritual Mentoring; Facilitating the Gathering; Pastoral Care; Pastoral Calling; Follow-Up
  • Week Six: Confession; Accountability; Your Accountability Partnership
  • Week Seven: The Spiritual Habit of Solitude; The Spiritual Habit of Retreat; Making the Most of the Opportunities; The Conversation; Post-Event Hospitality Preparations; Post-Event Hospitality Practices
  • Week Eight: The Biblical Example of Mentoring; The Biblical Pattern of Mentoring
  • Network Leader’s Guide
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Identifying, equipping, deploying apprentices is the secret to small group ministry that multiplies.  The growth of the small group system depends totally on the ability of leaders to raise up apprentices who will one day lead another small group.  Bill Tenny-Brittian’s “Apprentice Workbook” has everything you need to accomplish that primary task of small group ministries that multiply.
 – Bill Easum

Convenient PDF Format


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