Missional Small Groups


Small groups aren’t just for discipleship – they can grow your church too!


By Bill Easum – A small group model for churches wanting to retain and disciple 75% of their people. It also works well in helping a church move from a traditional program based church to a missional small group based model that multiplies mission. 95 pages

The workbook includes

  • Section One: Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Missional Small Groups
  • Program Based Churches
  • Small Group Based Churches
  • Churches with Small Groups versus Churches of Small Groups
  • Four Types of Gatherings
  • Dispelling the Three Huge Myths about Small Groups
  • What Is a Small Group
  • Why Small Groups are Essential
  • Common Excuses
  • Small Groups are Replacing Sunday School
  • Section Two: The Basics of MSGs
  • The Four Key Basics
  • The Benefits of MSGs
  • How Does the System Work?
  • Expectations for Lay Ministers
  • What Does a MSGs Look Like?
  • Section Three: Requirements For MSGs Leaders
  • The Pastor’s Role
  • Pastor’s Weekly Check List
  • Area Ministers
  • Team Ministers
  • MSGs Ministers
  • Intern Ministers
  • Mentoring Relationship between Lay Minister and Intern
  • Becoming an Intern
  • Section Four: Training Events
  • The Team Gathering
  • Lay Minister’s School
  • How Much Training Is Required?
  • Tips For Training Lay Ministers
  • Suggested Beginning Model
  • On‐the‐Job Training Topics
  • Section Five: MSGs
  • Leadership for a MSG
  • Who Goes to a Small Group
  • What Does a MSGs Look Like?
  • Components of MSGz
  • How MSGs Form
  • Essentials for MSG Meetings
  • A Suggested Agenda for MSG Meeting
  • Multiplying MSGs
  • MSGs Stages of Growth
  • Weekly MSG Report
  • MSG Planning Sheet
  • M SG Weekly Planning Report
  • MSG Weekly Possibility Report
  • Monthly Intern Report
  • MSG Covenant For MSG Leader
  • Notes
  • Section Five: Spiritual Gifts
  • Introduction To Spiritual Gifts
  • Spiritual Gift Definitions
  • Dangers to Avoid
  • Section Six: Transition
  • The Transitioning Process
  • Bringing the Leadership on Board
  • Section Seven: Support Material
  • Discipline
  • Sample Questions
  • Sample Openers
  • Bible Helps
  • Phrases that Help
  • The First MSG Session
  • Suggested Reading
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