Growing Spiritual Redwoods


Grow spiritual leaders like never before


By Bill Easum and Tom Bandy – Critics have praised this book as one of the most significant contributions to church growth literature in this decade. Co-authors Bill Easum and Tom Bandy describe the emerging new species of church in organic metaphors and holistic outreach. Each chapter is a vista opening to future church leadership, worship, spiritual growth, lay empowerment, and impact on society.  Are you committed to Christ, or to a particular doctrine, denomination, or church? Do you speak of faith as an experience of Christ, or as a heritage that you protect? Congregations described as spiritual redwoods are replicated mechanically, but are grown with a particular genetic signature to tower over the cultural forest. Providing the environment that will grow these vigorous organisms of witness and mission is the crucial task of leadership today. Same as paper version, except that some of the graphics are not included.

Table of Contents:
Welcome: Living on the Edge of Tomorrow; Standing Tall in the Forest: Understanding the Cultural Forest; Beneath, Behind, and Beyond: The Passion for the Transforming Experience of Jesus; The Fluid That Flows: Worship that Feeds New Life; Following the Flow: Organisms Designed to Celebrate Transformation and Make Disciples; A Chaos of Vitality: How Every Cell Deepens Faith, Relationships, and Mission; Birthing the Fruits of Life: Spiritual Leadership; The Tree of Life: A Vision of Growth

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Every passage of this book contains spiritual nuggets of truth that can help your church to grow healthy and strong.
  – Rick Warren, Saddleback Valley Community Church

This excellent book describes the massive redistribution of North American Christians along the lines of shared values. For those looking toward the 21st century, this is a great compass. Read this book, not just to learn, but to grow – and experience a taste of the future – now! This is a pivotal redefinition of the church ina revolutionary proportion, a redefinition which could distinguish the difference between ecclesiastical life or death.
 – Kent R. Hunter, Church Growth Center

An epoch-marking . if not epoch-making, book! For a church living off checks that reality won’t cash, this book is like an acid bath accounting from the bank examiners. There is o better audit of the collapse of the Christendom era, and no better audition for how to do ministry in the new world, than this one.
  – Leonard Sweet, Drew Theological Seminary

What a timeless classic…Spiritual Redwoods… We clergy complain about the lack of spiritual grownups…but lay people are really hungry for the good stuff. your book is a field guide for the ages! – Bill Elwell



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