High-Voltage Spirituality


Think you don't have time for spiritual disciplines? High-Voltage Spirituality won't help you find more time – it'll help you find the spiritual habits that  fit the time you have!


You church leaders aren’t a spiritually centered as you’d like them to be. Maybe they don’t have time. Maybe they don’t know how.

This book will fix that.

Bill Tenny-Brittian outlines eight spiritual “habits” that even the busiest Christian can incorporate into daily life.

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“All too often books on spirituality assume empty calendars and quiet spaces, but not High-Voltage Spirituality. Tenny-Brittian puts real-world spirituality within the grasp of busy people. He invites readers to a holistic and earthy vision of life with God that reclaims and redeems even the fullest schedule.”
     Dwight J. Friesen, Mars Hill Graduate School
“This is a comprehensive and practical guide to shaping a spiritually disciplined life. Nothing is more important today than credible spiritual leaders, and Bill’s advice helps leaders go deep. If every leader could use this book to provide basic training for every adult member of the church, the Christian movement would become electric with both light and heat!”
     Tom Bandy, author of Talisman: Global Positioning for the Soul
“This book was a high-voltage prod for me to reexamine the foundations on which my own relationship with Christ has been built over the years. This process of examination has underscored for me the value of good foundations…In our rush, rush society, this clear call reminds me of Jeremiah’s word to the people of his day, ‘Stand by the roads and look, and ask for the
ancient paths, where the good way is’ (Jeremiah 6:16 paraphrased). This book points to these ‘good ways.’”
     N. A. (Tony) Dale, editor of House 2 House magazine


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