July – August: Reaching the Nones and Dones


The fastest growing religious groups are the Nones and Dones. How will your church reach them?

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The fastest growing “religious” group in North America is the unaffiliated … the Nones.

The  fastest growing “Christian religious” group in North America is the Dones … those who have packed up and quit the church.

In this issue, we explore ways you and your church can make a connection with these groups.


  • Before You Start
  • 4 M’s: Connecting with Real Life in the Pulpit
  • 4 Ways to Connect with Nones and Dones
  • Is Your Input Producing Output, Outcomes, or Impact?
  • Three Kinds of Churches
  • Dream BIG
  • Sanctuary … Mitigating the Risks
  • How the Future of Fundraising will Impact Your Church
  • New Wine In an Ancient Casket
  • Church for the Nones and Dones


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