May – June: Effective Small Group Ministry


There’s more to small groups than just studying the Bible.

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Small Groups have been all the rage since most of us were in diapers. But that doesn’t mean that our churches have gotten really good at them.

In this issue, we look at ways you can create small groups that transform lives. (And so much more!) – In fact, this is our biggest issue in our 42 year history!


  • Momentum Making: More Than Small Groups
  • An Invitation to Lie
  • The Problem with “Tender Loving Care”Groups
  • 25 Tips for Facilitating Small Groups
  • Four Phases to a Spiritual Journey
  • C3 Groups for Life Transformation
  • Simple Small Groups: A Workbook
  • Back to Basics
  • Get Good Advice
  • Cybersecurity On a Budget
  • Getting Phygital
  • Small Groups are Messy
  • Small Groups: A Means to an End


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