March – April: Church Finances in Troubled Times


What’s the best tool for discipleship? Evangelism? Bible study? Sermon Prep? Here are our writer’s favorites.

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Inflation’s rampant. Recession is knocking on the door (at least according to some pundits). How’s the church supposed to cope>

In this issue, we look at some of our churches’ and pastor’s favorite tools. Hopefully, it’ll make your job easier!


  • Failure’s Not an Option
  • What are You Afraid Of?
  • Seven Ways to Rethink Stewardship
  • Roadblocks to Church Revival
  • Thinking Like the Unchurched
  • Build Trust – Build Giving
  • Fund Ministry with Grants
  • Go Nuts with Doughnuts
  • Giving Trends
  • Managing Money and Ministry: Tips for Success
  • Spend, Give, Save
  • More than Making Ends Meet


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