Ministry in the Small Church Workbook


Learn how to navigate the politics in a small church … and how to grow it too!


By Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian

“God must love the small church because there are so many of them.” 

But God loves large churches and house churches and mega churches too. But the churches that God loves best are those that are disciple-making factories. Those churches that don’t just take care of the flock, but raise up faithful disciples who are busy making new disciples.

This workbook will help you lead your church into faithful disciple making. And when you do that, you just naturally begin to grow.

  • Basic Decisions,
  • Types of Small Churches,
  • Skills Needed,
  • Obstacles to Growth,
  • The Role of the Pastor,
  • Things to Watch for as the Church Grows,
  • Small Church Morale,
  • Workable Programs,
  • Modeling a Large Church,
  • Staffing the Small Church,
  • Finances,
  • Stuff Just for Methodists,
  • and recommended reading.
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