Radical Disciple Making Conference DVD Set


Couldn’t attend the Radical Disciple Making Conference? Need a copy to share with your congregational leaders? Here’s the whole conference in one package.

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Session 01: Developing a Discipleship Pipeline

The word “Disciple” is often so misunderstood that it is confused with church membership or sitting on a committee. In this session you’ll learn: what a disciple really is; words that hamper discipleship; how to develop a discipleship pipeline; and how you are the curriculum for that pipeline.

Session 02: Radical Accountability

For over 500 years, accountability has been a four letter word, especially in the church. But that’s one of the key reasons why there are so few radical disciples! In this session you’ll learn how to gently use a few key accountability principles that will turn leaders and members alike into practicing radical disciples.

Session 03: Transformational Small Groups

Jesus brought a radical message: “The time has come. The Kingdom is near. Change your ways, and believe the good news.” The Western Church has lost the impact of this imperative. In this session you’ll learn how to develop a contagious radical vision for organizing a radical disciple-making congregation.

Session 04: Strategies

It takes more than just good intentions to lead your leaders into effective discipleship. In this session, the conference leaders share the platform to share what it takes to become a radical disciple making church.


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