Re-Organizing the Organization Theme Pack from Net Results


Ready to turn your church decision making into a well-oiled machine? This Net Results Theme Pack will walk you through the process.


Ever wonder if there was a better way to get the church to make a decision? Turns out there is. What worked so well for years just isn’t working anymore. Learn how to reorganize your congregation’s organization for effective ministry in today’s fast-paced world.

Eight articles including:

  • Getting God on the Agenda: Consensus-Building, Not Voting
  • Transforming the “Bored” Meeting: Going Deeper, Giving Away Ministry, and Getting Out Earlier
  • What Type of Service Does Your Congregation Need to Thrive?
  • Can Congregational Leadership Meet the Collaboration Challenge?
  • Postmodern Church Governance
  • A New Look at an Old Office: The Emerging Role of Elders in Innovative Congregations
  • …and more.


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