Doing Ministry in Hard Times


In a world of economic chaos the church has hardly remained unscathed. Discover exactly how to do church ministry effectively in troubled times.


Ministry in Hard Times
by Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian

The purpose of this book is to give you calm, wise counsel on how to
be proactive so you can not only emerge stronger on the other side of
this economic roller coaster through the jungle, but also how to remain
strong until things turn around.

This book is neither long nor is it difficult to follow. We will
strive to give you the best advice for doing ministry in hard times in
as few words as possible. However, we won’t pull any punches. What you
are about to read is not always easy to stomach. But it is the truth
and it will help guide you through the jungle. As such this book is
designed to do the following:

• Help churches make strategic decisions about how to spend their time, energy, and money during hard times;

• Help their people cope with the spiritual and psychological conditions Christians face in hard times;

• Help churches remain strong and emerge stronger on the other side of hard times.


  1. Living in a Wildcard World
  2. Strategic Dreaming Trumps Hard Times
  3. Now’s the Time to Return to the Basics
  4. The Hard Times Budget Formula
  5. Budget Items You Always Cut in Hard Times
  6. Overcoming the Beast
  7. Budget Items You Always Increase in Hard Times: Worship and Children’s Ministry
  8. Budget Items You Always Increase in Hard Times: Evangelism and Marketing
  9. Budget Items You Always Increase in Hard Times: Continuing Education and Servant Ministries
  10. Budget Items You Always Increase in Hard Times: Small Groups and Spiritual Formation
  11. Leadership in a Wildcard World
  12. It’s a Waste of Time if…..
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“The book provided clear focus and strategic thinking for church leadership during financial hard time.  I thought the recommendations on how to allocate church funds were both challenging and enlightening.  You handle tough questions with some good business savvy and God honoring logic.  Purchasing the book is money well spent.  It is a must read.”

Jim Pick


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