Personal Ministry Assessment Consultant Training


Training for your own congregations’s PMA Consultant who will help your church members discover their God-given calling.


The Personal Ministry Assessment is not a self-administered instrument. To be effective, churches need at least one trained Ministry Consultant to administer, score, assess, and present the findings.

The one-hour PMA Consulting Training is led by Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian, who not only co-wrote and produced the materials, but has used the instrument with hundreds of people across the US for over fifteen years. The Personal Ministry Assessment helps members identify their spiritual gifts, servant role preferences, and  passions. Consultant training provides the tools, scoring, and processes for helping church members identify their God-given calling.

Training is offered via online conferencing at a mutually convenient time.

Church-licensing of the Personal Ministry Assessment is granted upon the successful completion of the training.


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