Personal Ministry Assessment: Spiritual Gifts to Passions Inventories


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The Personal Ministry Assessment (PMA) by Drs. Bill and Kris Tenny-Brittian is more that just another spiritual gifts inventory.

The PMA is a comprehensive tool for helping the folks in your congregation discover their place in the Kingdom of God. With included inventories for Spiritual Gifts, Servant Role Preference, Personality Temperament, and a Passions Indicator, the PMA provides enough insights to help discern not only where they might fit in the church, but where their skills, gifts, and passions can be used in their “real lives” to make a real difference.

Order one PMA for each of your leaders or for each participant in your congregation. The complete package includes the Inventories, Interpretation Instructions and Record Sheets, and the Results Presentation for the participant that includes space for making recommendations for both church and beyond. Do Not Duplicate.

(10 Pack License includes the right to use the inventories with 10 members – purchase available only in license blocks of 10.)

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