Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers


Every church has a couple of sacred cows. Yum!!


By Bill Easum – Bill challenges the command and control model of organization and leadership in the dying established and mainline congregations and offers a new model of leadership called permission giving. Focusing on the Body of Christ as the primary metaphor, it explores the quantum age, spiritual gifts, permission giving leaders and networks and offers a step by step plan for the transformation of the church from command and control to permission giving.  Sacred Cows was chosen as one of the top ten books of 1996 by the Journal for the Academy of Parish Clergy. Some of the graphics are not included in the download version.

Table of Contents:
The Sacred Cow; The Quantum Age; The Controllers; The Connection and Foundation; Permission-Giving Churches; Discovering Our Place In God’s World; Permission-Giving Leaders; Permission-Giving Networks; Self-Organizing Ministry Teams; The Steering Team; Transformation; Appendix

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Do the best thing happen in life when you’re ‘in control’? Do the best things happen in your marriage when you’re in ‘control’? Bill Easum, the church’s most accurate grenadier of a control-junkie society, shows how the best things don’t happen in ministry when you’re ‘in control’ either. This book offers a powerful charter, and chart, of how to do ministry in the 21st century.
– Leonard Sweet

Bill Easum looks over the horizon into every effective congregation’s tomorrow- seeing leadership principles that others cannot yet identify and stating what others cannot yet understand.
 – Herb Miller, consultant

Read this book if you are ready to let your ministry spin out of control. Then hang on, for wonderful changes are about to happen to your congregation.
 – Charles Arn, Church Growth Inc. 

William Easum’s insights on the Quantum Age and The Controllers are extremely valuable. I plan to recommend this book every opportunity I have.
 – Frank R. Tillapaugh, Kingdom Ministry Network


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