The Nomadic Church: Growing Your Congregation Without Owning The Building


Doing church without owning a building has both blessings and headaches …


By Bill Easum and Pete Theodore – The Nomadic Church is a one of a kind book that covers everything a church that rents needs to know.  The Nomadic Church is the result of a study of dozens of churches that rent their property.

Table of Contents:

  • Who Will Benefit From Reading the Nomadic Church
  • Impossible Dreams Do Come True
  • Why The Nomadic Church?
  • Biblical Truth for the Nomadic Church
  • Challenges Facing the Nomadic Church
  • Personal and Physical Challenges
  • Responding to Physical and Personal Challenges
  • Program and Special Event Challenges
  • Responding to Program and Special Event Challenges
  • Visitor and Financial Challenges
  • Responding to Visitor and Financial Challenges
  • It’s All About Attitude
  • What’s A Nomadic Church To Do?
  • Numerous Appendices
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“No church planter or planting church can afford to be without this book. In a match made in heaven, Theodore’s fresh, original, primary, deep-digging research is coupled with Easum’s matchless knowledge and lifetime wisdom of church consultation.”
 – Leonard Sweet, Author, Futurist, Drew University Theological School, George Fox University,

“Bill Easum and Pete Theodore have named the elephant in the church living room: The ‘if we build it, they will come’ era is disappearing-fast. But Bill and Pete don’t just name the problem. They spend the majority of the book offering well-researched, compelling alternatives to sinking the majority of a congregation’s income into bricks and mortar. If you have even an inkling that church is more about a people called to serve than a place people go, you’re going to have a hard time putting this book down.”
 – Sally Morgenthaler, Founder, and Digital Glass Productions

“The benefits of this book could be truly staggering! In our journey here at Cedar Ridge Community Church, there have been a lot of heroes…[who] didn’t have the advantage of a book like this. By the grace of God, they survived our seventeen-year sojourn. Knowing how much they’ve suffered and sacrificed, I’m all the more grateful for the work Bill Easum and Pete Theodore have done.  The practical wisdom distilled in these pages will be priceless. It is my honor to introduce and commend this book that will make church planting more doable, and, I hope, more enjoyable (can I say fun?) too.”
 – Excerpted from the Foreword by Brian McLaren, former Nomadic Pastor, Author, Emergent Visionary;,

“I had thought of writing a book on Nomadic Churches, but Bill Easum and Pete Theodore have done the job fantastically! As a former nomadic pastor, I can tell you they have covered all the bases thoroughly. If you are either a nomadic pastor or are considering planting a church and will become one in the future, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!”
 – Steve Sjogren; writer of

“For years church leaders have assumed that a building was necessary for real ministry. In fact, it is often one of the greatest obstacles. Throughout this insightful book the authors smash traditional barriers to church growth.”
 – Dr. Charles Arn, President, Church Growth, Inc., Monrovia, California

“Those of us who are passionately pursuing a movement of reproducing churches know we absolutely cannot construct buildings big enough or fast enough to keep up with what God wants to do. The emerging church will be full of nomadic church plants and nomadic multi-site churches that will rent and borrow big box buildings they will never own. Bill and Pete’s book is as necessary to that movement as a set-up team is to a Nomadic Church.”
 – Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, Community Christian church, Naperville, Illinois

“Easum and Theodore realize that Nomadic Churches often have more in common with the New Testament church than ministries with a permanent home address. And to these churches they offer the kind of sound practical advice and clear theological perspective that will help any Nomadic Church better fulfill its mission and calling. I highly recommend their book.”
 – Dr. Larry Osborne, Lead Pastor, North Coast Church, Vista, California

“YES! Finally a book that celebrates both the cost-effective impact and the challenges of churches meeting in rented facilities! My thanks to Bill Easum and Pee Theodore for highlighting their contribution to the Kingdom and sharing these techniques of thriving Nomadic Churches.”
 – Pete van der Harst, President, Portable Church Industries

“The Nomadic Church breathes the missional Spirit of Jesus Christ. Through temporary facilities, contemporary outreach, and extraordinary faith, Easum and Theodore move us back to the future and forward to the past. If you refuse to let missional living be minimized by maintenance, then you need this book. By the way, pick up extra copies for your leadership team.”
 – Greg Kappas, Co-founder, Heart of Grace Ministries and the International Church Planters Summit

While every Christian leader will find this book instructive and helpful, those whom this material will most directly equip and encourage include:

  • “All who recognize the value of learning about and from the vibrant ministry and eternal impact courageous Nomadic Churches are having across the country.
  • “Pastors and leaders of churches who currently meet in temporary facilities for worship services and other ministries.
  • “Any church planter who will use rented facilities.
  • “Anyone feeling called to start a church or be part of a church planting team.
  • “Those who lead or want to begin multiple-campus churches, cell-based churches, satellite churches, house churches, citywide churches, and other ministries that grow more quickly, efficiently, and economically by using multiple meeting sites.
  • “Parachurch leaders whose ministries involve the regular use of rented facilities.
  • “Leaders of established churches that need to meet in temporary quarters between building projects or due to displacement (e.g., by natural disaster or fire).
  • “Denominational leaders and others who oversee church planting efforts or movements especially in the U.S. and Canada.
  • “Church consultants whose clientele includes churches without their own building or campus.”


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