Leadership on the Other Side


You can’t use your parent’s leadership skills in today’s church.


By Bill Easum – In the engaging, direct style for which he is famous, Bill Easum opens a portal to the OtherSide, that place beyond the Christendom Era and its mechanistic, by-the-numbers approach to church life. It’s a bumpy ride, with treasured assumptions, privileges, and traditions shattered along the way. Yet on the OtherSide lies a church radically transformed, resonant to the leadership of the Spirit, and ready to lay aside everything that does not help it accomplish the one thing that matters: introducing people to the love of God in Jesus Christ.Some of the chapters are too large to  send to hotmail, msn or juno addresses.  You must have an alternate  address to receive the entire book in this format.

Table of Contents:
Admission to the Ride; Leadership on the OtherSide; Leadership Clues to the Wormhole; Portal 1: The Challenge of Our Times; Portal 2: Into the Wormhole; Portal 3: The Death of Two Kissing Cousins; Portal 4: The Mother Life Metaphor; Portal 5: Spiritual Guides; Portal 6: The Lone Ranger Was a Team Player; Portal 7: Whose Church Is It, Anyway?; Portal 8: Almost to the OtherSide; Portal 9: Remain Seated with Your Seatbelt Buckled: The Ride’s Not Over; Portal 10: Welcome to the OtherSide; Bibliography

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Easum is right! The Christendom Era ended in the United States in the 1980s. A new era demands a new style by today’s leaders. This book explains why.
 – Lyle Schaller, author of The Very Large Church

Informed by Bill’s extensive experience and the interaction of leaders from across the world, Leadership on the OtherSide is a great primer for those leaders who are proactively guiding their churches into the future. I found it enlivening and mind-stretching, just the things I have come to expect from Bill. Bill ties together foundational principles, church examples, and the online community to make this not only a great book, but a learning experience.
– Dave Travis, Leadership Network


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