Worship for the 21st Century Workbook


Planning worship for today’s church is more complex than ever before. Get a handle on how to create inspiring, life-changing worship in this detailed workbook.


Worship for the 21st Century
Revised 2012

69 pages

  • The Importance of Worship to Congregational and Individual Growth
  • The Changing Face of Worship
  • Five Styles of Worship Alive Today
  • Worship must be Indigenous to the Culture
  • Some things you Never do in Indigenous Worship
  • Some Things You Should Always Do in Indigenous Worship
  • Essentials for Indigenous Worship
  • Is Our Worship Indigenous Test
  • Starting an Indigenous Service
  • Preaching for Transformation
  • Pastors No Longer Merely Preach
  • Parabolic Preaching
  • A Safe Place to Hear a Dangerous Gospel
  • What to do after Worship
  • Registration of Attendance
  • Four Misuses of Announcements
  • Simultaneous Worship and Sunday School
  • The Worship Team
  • The Worship Pastor/Leader
  • Testimonies in Worship
  • Christmas Eve Services
  • Preparing for the Rehearsal
  • Using the Arts in Worship
  • Children in Worship
  • Big Worship Mistakes
  • Some Things to Watch for in the Future
  • For those who Wish to Dream
  • Helpful Resources
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